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Найдено 6 результатов

  1. intro to buying your first shotgun. (new gun owners)

    So you want to buy a shotgun? As with the previous things I have stated about handguns and rifles (which are in the handguns and rifles section, respectively), your shotgun should be something you actually want to buy and use. There are several types of shotguns so I'm going to get that out of the way right now; also, the smaller number on the gauge (think of it as caliber, but for shotguns) the bigger the shotgun shell. ex: 10 gauge is bigger than 12 gauge. Pump Shotguns: These shotguns are operated by a pump mechanism, the pump being pushed manually to the rearward position not only arms the firing pin(puts tension and locks the spring back, making it able to fire), but also ejects the spent shell if there is one in the bore of the shotgun, it also enables the elevator to retrieve a new shell from the magazine tube. Typically these are one of the most common types of shotguns people will buy, and they can be chambered to hold most gauges: the most common being 12 and 20, but in my experience I have seen a gauge for a shotgun as big as 8 on a pump and as small as a .410. Double barrel shotguns: this particular shotgun comes in 2 varieties; over-under, or side-by-side. Over under double barrels have both barrels on top of one another, you press a button to unlock the barrel to load new shells while the spent shells eject themselves. side by side is the same operating mechanic, except the barrels are side by side of one another. These can be offered up to 4 gauge(which is a rarity) and as small as 410. Single shot shotguns: these are pretty much the same as double barreled, except only hold one shell instead of two. Ditto for the gauges. Bolt action shotguns: these use a bolt to fire the shell, think of it as a bolt action rifle, because that's how it works. Semi auto shotguns: these, unlike pump shotguns, load and eject the shells automatically, as soon as you pull the trigger, the gas operated mechanism pushes the bolt back, ejects the spent shell, has the elevator grab a new shell and loads and locks it into place. They are offered in the same gauges as a pump shotgun is, pretty much. Revolver shotguns: the Kel-Tec Circuit Judge is the only revolver shotgun that I know of, it operates like a big double action revolver. Now that you know a little about how they work, what would you like to buy? Honestly it depends on your price range, but a good starter shotgun is probably a pump action or a single shot one. My recommendation for a pump action shotgun would have to be the Remington 870 in 12 or 20 gauge, I would suggest if you are new to shotguns to go with the 20 gauge version, not only does it have less buck to it, it is cheaper and more easy to shoot a lot more shells in a single day with. My recommendation for a single shot shotgun would be to check out Stevens Arms, they make very good single shot and double barrel shotguns. Once you get accustomed with your shotgun you can start adding chokes(how the spread of pellets is spread out) and attachments to the rails (if you have a rail on your shotgun). Your average shotgun is going to cost at least $750, but it will last you a lifetime if treated right. Well, That's about all I have to say about buying your first shotgun, as always, feel free to leave me a question or add on to what I've said if it is useful!
  2. Intro to buying your first rifle. (new gun owners)

    So...you wanna buy a rifle? Well, as I have stated before with handguns; your rifle should be a worthy investment. You're probably thinking a few things; "How much does a semiautomatic or bolt action rifle cost?"..."what is a good hunting caliber?"...."which is more accurate;semiautomatic or bolt action?" How much does a semiautomatic rifle cost? Well, truthfully, it can cost around $1.000, but there are some firearm manufacturers that go way beyond this price range, such as Wilson Combat. Wilson Combat AR15 models can cost up to and exceeding $6.000-without furniture!(furniture is accessories such as scopes, silencers, laser sights, flashlights...etc), but then again, you are getting a superior quality rifle. Now this is probably way out of most peoples price range, but there are many other brands to choose from that offer excellent quality at a more reasonable price; such as Colt, Winchester, S&W, SIG SAUER, and Primary Weapons Systems and many more. Honestly, my personal recommendation would be to go out to the range, rent a rifle, and see what you like(yes, this is my favorite part, but it also lets you know what you like, and what you don't like.) Once you get familiar with your semiautomatic rifle, you can add accessories, or furniture as I like to call it. A recommendation for something you might want to put on your rifle is a Free-Floating barrel, this is very difficult to explain, so I would seriously Google it. What a free-floating barrel does is make your barrel accurate by essentially making it "float", this seriously is one of the coolest modifications you can do to your semiautomatic rifle, with a serious benefit. There are hundreds of modifications you can do to your rifle, from the upper or lower to the charging handle; so...all of that is up to your personal liking; your rifle, like your handgun if you have read that, should be a reflection of your personality, don't be afraid to get a little fancy with it, as long as it is helpful to you! Bolt action rifles can cost as low as $200; such as a Savage Arms 22LR, which is literally a piece of junk in my opinion...to around $6.000 as well for a very high end bolt action rifle, but the average one will cost about $750. Many of the same brands that make semiautomatic rifles make Bolt action rifles, so see the above about that. What is a good hunting caliber? It depends on what you are hunting; if it is deer a 243WINCHESTER will do the job pretty good, now if you are hunting moose, elk or a larger game animal look for something that's a little bit bigger, such as a 30-06 or a 300Winchester, it just depends. 223 is a good varmint round, it works for deer pretty well too. Even a 22LR, one of the smallest rifle rounds out there is good for some hunting; but this hunting is called plinking, which mainly is very small game such as squirrels, rabbits, and groundhogs and other animals of that type. Which is more accurate; Semiautomatic or bolt action? Truthfully, it is probably bolt action, but in some cases you can out-shoot a bolt action with a semiautomatic. Accuracy depends on the shooter, no gun will make you accurate, you have to practice! Now, in my experience both are very accurate(yeah I'm bragging a little, I'm only good at 3 things, honestly! and shooting is one of them.), but I would recommend shooting both as practice, not only is this fun, you also learn a lot more that you would by just reading. Just remember to follow the ten commandments of gun safety! Well, that is a quick introduction to semiautomatic and bolt action rifles! Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to add onto the topic as long as it is useful to the topic at hand!
  3. Intro to pistols.

    Handguns; Personally these are my favorite out of all the guns, they are easy to shoot, usually cheap to shoot (aside from a few pistol cartridges such as 50AE or 500 S&W, those are pretty expensive), easy to reload ammunition for. There are 3 main types of frames for Semi-Automatic handguns; Full-Sized(which can be broken down into Standard or Professional if you have a 1911, they offer that), Compact, and subcompact. Each of these types of semi-auto firearms has their own feel to them. I honestly prefer Full-Size and compact over subcompact. Full-Sized semi auto handguns typically hold more ammunition in their magazines than compact or subcompact, they also have a larger frame and slide, they also tend to weigh more, and can handle larger calibers quite well. Compact semi auto handguns are essentially that: compact. Compact semi auto handguns are pretty good for Conceal carry, though they usually have less magazine capacity. They also have a slightly smaller frame and slide, they tend to weigh less than a Full-Sized handgun as well, they do weigh more than a subcompact though. Subcompact handguns, or "pocket guns" as some may call it are the smallest semi auto handguns around, they hold typically less than either full-sized handguns or compact handguns, but they are meant to be a backup gun. they also are not offered in the larger calibers as often. Revolvers: revolvers are a little different from semi auto handguns, they don't have a magazine, they have a cylinder where you stick the ammunition in, revolvers typically hold 5-8 rounds in the cylinder. there are many types of revolvers, some big, some small. You can make most revolvers shorter by just unscrewing the barrel and sticking a snub nose barrel onto it instead, so.... there isn't really a way to classify a revolver that way, instead they classify it by frame; J frame, X frame..etc, they get confusing to me and I don't really feel like confusing you with it. To make reloading faster in a revolver and less tedious, they offer speed reloaders, moon clips, and many other ways to speed up reloading the cylinder in a revolver. Handguns are not only a fun thing to shoot, but they also are very effective at saving your life. Make sure you make an investment into yours if you purchase one for self-defense or even for just target shooting. A good starter handgun is either a Glock or a 1911, you could also go with SIG SAUERs P-series or a Walther or even a S&W and Colt; classic names in handgun manufacturing, it is all up to your personal preference. Let me know if you have any questions!
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