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John Gianni



Personally these are my favorite out of all the guns, they are easy to shoot, usually cheap to shoot (aside from a few pistol cartridges such as 50AE or 500 S&W, those are pretty expensive), easy to reload ammunition for. There are 3 main types of frames for Semi-Automatic handguns; Full-Sized(which can be broken down into Standard or Professional if you have a 1911, they offer that), Compact, and subcompact. Each of these types of semi-auto firearms has their own feel to them. I honestly prefer Full-Size and compact over subcompact.


Full-Sized semi auto handguns typically hold more ammunition in their magazines than compact or subcompact, they also have a larger frame and slide, they also tend to weigh more, and can handle larger calibers quite well.


Compact semi auto handguns are essentially that: compact. Compact semi auto handguns are pretty good for Conceal carry, though they usually have less magazine capacity. They also have a slightly smaller frame and slide, they tend to weigh less than a Full-Sized handgun as well, they do weigh more than a subcompact though.


Subcompact handguns, or "pocket guns" as some may call it are the smallest semi auto handguns around, they hold typically less than either full-sized handguns or compact handguns, but they are meant to be a backup gun. they also are not offered in the larger calibers as often.





revolvers are a little different from semi auto handguns, they don't have a magazine, they have a cylinder where you stick the ammunition in, revolvers typically hold 5-8 rounds in the cylinder. there are many types of revolvers, some big, some small. You can make most revolvers shorter by just unscrewing the barrel and sticking a snub nose barrel onto it instead, so.... there isn't really a way to classify a revolver that way, instead they classify it by frame; J frame, X frame..etc, they get confusing to me and I don't really feel like confusing you with it. To make reloading faster in a revolver and less tedious, they offer speed reloaders, moon clips, and many other ways to speed up reloading the cylinder in a revolver. 


Handguns are not only a fun thing to shoot, but they also are very effective at saving your life. Make sure you make an investment into yours if you purchase one for self-defense or even for just target shooting. A good starter handgun is either a Glock or a 1911, you could also go with SIG SAUERs P-series or a Walther or even a S&W and Colt;  classic names in handgun manufacturing, it is all up to your personal preference. Let me know if you have any questions!








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