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So...you wanna buy a rifle? Well, as I have stated before with handguns; your rifle should be a worthy investment. 

You're probably thinking a few things; "How much does a semiautomatic or bolt action rifle cost?"..."what is a good hunting caliber?"...."which is more accurate;semiautomatic or bolt action?" 
How much does a semiautomatic rifle cost? Well, truthfully, it can cost around $1.000, but there are some firearm manufacturers that go way beyond this price range, such as Wilson Combat. Wilson Combat AR15 models can cost up to and exceeding $6.000-without furniture!(furniture is accessories such as scopes, silencers, laser sights, flashlights...etc), but then again, you are getting a superior quality rifle. Now this is probably way out of most peoples price range, but there are many other brands to choose from that offer excellent quality at a more reasonable price; such as Colt, Winchester, S&W, SIG SAUER, and Primary Weapons Systems and many more. Honestly, my personal recommendation would be to go out to the range, rent a rifle, and see what you like(yes, this is my favorite part, but it also lets you know what you like, and what you don't like.)
Once you get familiar with your semiautomatic rifle, you can add accessories, or furniture as I like to call it. A recommendation for something you might want to put on your rifle is a Free-Floating barrel, this is very difficult to explain, so I would seriously Google it. What a free-floating barrel does is make your barrel accurate by essentially making it "float", this seriously is one of the coolest modifications you can do to your semiautomatic rifle, with a serious benefit. There are hundreds of modifications you can do to your rifle, from the upper or lower to the charging handle; so...all of that is up to your personal liking; your rifle, like your handgun if you have read that, should be a reflection of your personality, don't be afraid to get a little fancy with it, as long as it is helpful to you!
Bolt action rifles can cost as low as $200; such as a Savage Arms 22LR, which is literally a piece of junk in my opinion...to around $6.000 as well for a very high end bolt action rifle, but the average one will cost about $750. Many of the same brands that make semiautomatic rifles make Bolt action rifles, so see the above about that.
What is a good hunting caliber? It depends on what you are hunting; if it is deer a 243WINCHESTER will do the job pretty good, now if you are hunting moose, elk or a larger game animal look for something that's a little bit bigger, such as a 30-06 or a 300Winchester, it just depends. 223 is a good varmint round, it works for deer pretty well too. Even a 22LR, one of the smallest rifle rounds out there is good for some hunting; but this hunting is called plinking, which mainly is very small game such as squirrels, rabbits, and groundhogs and other animals of that type. 
Which is more accurate; Semiautomatic or bolt action? Truthfully, it is probably bolt action, but in some cases you can out-shoot a bolt action with a semiautomatic. Accuracy depends on the shooter, no gun will make you accurate, you have to practice! Now, in my experience both are very accurate(yeah I'm bragging a little, I'm only good at 3 things, honestly! and shooting is one of them.), but I would recommend shooting both as practice, not only is this fun, you also learn a lot more that you would by just reading. Just remember to follow the ten commandments of gun safety!
Well, that is a quick introduction to semiautomatic and bolt action rifles! Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to add onto the topic as long as it is useful to the topic at hand!
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    • Автор: John Gianni
      Manual of the Astra A-75 Handgun in English language.
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      A beautiful 1911 that has custom engraved slide and frame owned by the president of Cold Steel, Lynn Thompson.
    • Автор: John Gianni
      I got this email awhile back; I changed the name and the place to protect the persons identity. 
      Hey john my names Joesph I am 20 years old and I live in Salt Lake City
      I am looking for something to put in my house for a home defense hand gun were as if a shtf situation were to happen it would be a fighting handgun. Many options have come my way in concerns from caliber size to certain brands of pistols. Most 45 hand guns besides a 1911 are too big for my hand. What would be your recommendations? My options have been the fn 9 glock 17 Springfield 9 fullsize and many name brands what do you think?
      well... I'm not a big 9mm fan, so I would personally recommend a Glock 20 or a Glock 22, which are a 10mm round( I personally like this one because it is a compromise between the extended range a 9mm has on a 45, and the stopping power that a 45 has over a 9mm) how big is your hand anyway? Honestly, I stick with my STAR Megastar, which isn't even made anymore, but it likely wont fit your hand if its unable to fit a 1911, but the compact alternative to that is the Star Firestar in 45acp as well, or 9mm, or 40s&w i think too, but it only holds 6 rounds for 45acp. Your best bet is likely a Glock or a SIG to be honest, those come in a variety of sizes, calibers, and magazine capacities. if you are looking for a high capacity magazine 9mm is the way to go, but as i said before it has more range, but less stopping power, now I don't know the layout of your home, but if its a standard 2 floor home, 10mm or 40s&w will do as good as a job, the reason I am highlighting Glock and SIG SAUER as my recommendation is because they are relatively cheap, Glocks come as cheap as $550, and they have extended magazines out the whazzoo(33 rounds! for some) and if you like steel framed tactical handguns SIG SAUER works well for that too, plus, they have an external decocking mechanism for an external hammer, which I personally prefer...I don't like the "safe action" glock has because I cant decock it manually, i always like a safety on my gun, and the external hammer offers that extra safety, even if it doesn't have an actual safety. hell, plus with both brands, even S&W...they offer tactical accessories that  range from very bright tactical lights, to very reliable laser sights, I don't use them, but i have them....practice at the range with one of these weapons if you want without them, then if you like the gun...purchase it and a few extra magazines to practice tactical reloading, and get your accessories, then practice what you have been doing without them, you cannot rely solely on one piece of equipment for you gun except the gun itself, that's why I just explained that.
      I hope this helps answer some peoples questions that are similar to this guys. PM me anytime you need help or leave a reply on here!